5 Tips and Tricks to Use TikTok for Your Recruiting Needs

Read more about buy tiktok followers here. Members of Generation Z are split right down the middle when it comes to their comfort level with making video resumes. Forty eight percent report feeling comfortable making them, and an equal 48% feel uncomfortable making them (the remaining 4% have no opinion). I love my job and wouldn’t trade it for anything, but my personal account has suffered as a result of it. By the end of most days, I don’t have the mental or creative energy left to make my own content.
But it’s these incentives that could nudge people toward a purchase. If the timing was right in 2021, there’s questions now about what will happen in 2022. Already venture dollar volume fell 30% from the fourth quarter of 2021 to the first quarter of 2022. Later-stage growth capital like Tiger Global, General Atlantic and Riverwood all started doing deals.
Don’t forget to hold or set up your smartphone vertically when filming your TikTok Resume video. The app’s configurations are designed to work best with vertical videos and will help enhance the quality of your resume. While employers aren’t specifically asking for TikTok Resumes (yet!), creating one allows you to showcase your creativity and give employers a peek into your personality. Odds are, some of your favorite creators are making money from TikTok. Check out what they are doing—brand deals, promoting T-shirts, spelling their Venmo in alphabet soup—and try to put those same strategies into action. The rules around posting sponsored content and divulging when you get free stuff are pretty foggy, but it’s always better to err on the side of caution.
If you’re working for a company as a content creator, however, you’re usually required to follow a posting schedule. To avoid burnout and last-minute content making, I create TikToks in batches. Posting your resume on LinkedIn changes your job search from a private one to a public one. Create a catchy hashtag and encourage your staff to use it whenever they post something relevant to your brand.
When it comes to TikTok, most of us see it as an alternative to Instagram and any other social media platform that focuses on short videos that can go viral overnight. It’s not just Instagram that has to be worried about losing its popularity to TikTok, LinkedIn has to be worried as well. In order for brands to grow and succeed on TikTok, they have to take into account what the platform is all about – showing yourself as naturally as possible.
And I actually held out for quite some time, but alas, curiosity got the best of me, and I was tired of my mom asking me if I’d seen “that one TikTok.” Once you’ve picked a comfortable space to make your video resume, you’ll want to make sure that you are well-lit so that the recruiters can actually see you! A big window, lamp, or ring light are all excellent options.
Gabrielle Woody is a recruiting strategist and career mentor who joined TikTok to share resources for resume building and the hiring process. She links to helpful tools and free online resources and resume templates throughout her page and in her bio, which is currently spotlighting Google’s free, online career lessons. Woody also provides feedback on hiring and interview responses, and even college application advice. Career-advice content is certainly not a new trend; LinkedIn is a fabulous tool for reading up on interview tips and advice from CEOs and HR experts.
You are free to add text boxes, green screens, and numerous other hints to make your video even more engaging. The social platform has always valued original content and creative videos. Originally, TikTok got famous due to configurations that add musical pieces to videos. Why not take advantage of this feature in case of a video resume.
We hope these examples spotlight how TikTok can be used in your Recruitment Marketing strategy to stretch your employer brand reach and attract qualified talent through fun and authentic content. Before we get started, however, let’s cover some TikTok basics and dive a little deeper into why you might consider adding TikTok as an additional channel in your social lineup. If you think a career in journalism could be for you, take a look at The Big Issue’s Breakthrough scheme set to provide media training for young people from underrepresented backgrounds. In the right doses, corporate humor TikToks can make light of office disputes, help people feel less alone and serve as a reminder that sometimes work is just work.