6 Ways To Help Your New Pet Dog Settle In Fast


Bringing home a new pet dog is ushering in tremendous joy and companionship in your life. Having said that, let us acknowledge the fact that it isn’t like that from day one. Dogs take time to settle into their new home and embrace their new family. But, there’s good news! You can help your new pet along his settling phase, enabling a smooth and swift transition. Wondering how? Let us help you! Pets in modern homes blend in beautifully, all it takes are some simple hacks to help them along the way. Read on to discover 6 simple ways to help your new dog adapt to your home. 

Take Up Obedience Training

Obedience training is a great way to teach dogs boundaries as well as empower them and make them confident of themselves and their surroundings. If you have the bandwidth and the assertive nature to undertake obedience training, then there’s no one better than you to establish a master-pet relationship with your dog. If not, you can always engage a professional trainer who masters dog body language, behaviour and psyche. Dogs can begin obedience training as early as 2 months old, so get your furry friend started on this journey that has plenty of benefits for both of you.

Offer Appropriate Nutrition

Help your dog shape into a healthy, active and thriving pet by offering the right nutrition. Pedigree and meals for puppies involve a different nutrition composition compared to that of older dogs. Consult your vet to draw up an optimal meal chart and nutrition guidelines for your pet based on his age and his breed. Limit salts, sugars and any spices in his diet. Offer plenty of water and exercise, allowing your pet access to outdoor spaces often. Giving your pet the right exposure and nutrition to grow will help him settle in sooner and make him a well-rounded confident dog. 

Tackle Separation Anxiety

Puppies suffer from acute separation anxiety. This starts as soon as they are separated from their mother for adoption. Separation anxiety needs to be handled very delicately and subtly with your dog. Once your dog settles into your home and understands that this is his permanent abode, he will soon shift to separation anxiety that involves you. Until your new pet is assured of the fact that you will inevitably return to him every day, he will be anxious and restless when you are at work or running errands. Give him time to overcome these feelings, all the while trying to ensure at least one family member is available to the dog at all times. When you do come home, give your dog your undivided attention to tackle insecurity effectively.


Spend Time Together

Nothing helps a dog settle in faster than spending quality time with his new family. Dedicate some time in your everyday routine to share cuddles and games with your new pet. Doing activities together such as going for a walk, playing catch or simply cuddling can establish a positive connection between you and your furry friend, helping him embrace his new home easily. Make your dog part of your day by allowing him around breakfast time, into your bedroom and on the rug with your children. The more time he spends in your midst, the easier he will blend right in.

Invest In A Dog Kennel

A kennel gives your dog a little space of his own in your home. As it is usually erected outdoors, kennels also help dogs become their true selves. A dog kennel is a great way to make your new pet more independent while catering to his exploratory tendencies. Dogs enjoy running, jumping, digging and other outdoor activities. They have strong exploratory tendencies and curious minds. While you can give your dog company the first few times he is outdoors in your backyard, over time you can leave him be. Once he is tired, you know you will find him relaxing in the comfort and shade of his kennel. This is why, choosing a kennel that offers good ventilation, insulation, shade and overall comfort is of paramount importance. 

Involve The Community

No matter how much love and care you shower on your pet, there is life outside of the home. Your community and neighbourhood play a big role in helping your four-legged friend settle into your home. If you have hostile neighbours who constantly shun your dog, it’s bound to affect his psyche. This is why it is important to begin on the right note and run your idea of adopting a pet by your neighbours. Tell me how important your support is to them. Look up pet-friendly parks in your locality where your dog can make a few friends. Take your dog over to your friends’ houses regularly to help him build a rapport with your near and dear ones. 

Wrap Up

Get ready for all the love, cuddles and memories, because once your dog has settled in, there’s no turning back!