6 Ways To Make Your Outdoor Space An All-Weather


Very few houses can boast of spacious outdoor space. If you are one of the lucky few to have a large backyard, it is only right you curate it into an all-weather outdoor leisure space. From furniture to lighting and sun shades, several factors go into making your backyard a great downtime zone all year round. Here are six ways you can achieve this on a budget. 

Set Up A Gazebo

What better way to enjoy the weather than under a comfortable gazebo? If you have the luxury of ample backyard space, consider erecting a stylish gazebo or a pergola. This structure can be made of wood, aluminium or vinyl as suited to your décor and the weather. This pavilion structure will add a Victorian charm to your home, making it the envy of your neighbours! Set up an open bar and food counter therein and voila! You are all set to play the perfect host! There are also portable gazebo structures or pop-up canopies if it strikes a chord with you. The good part of a pop-up gazebo is that you can take it to the beach with you and enjoy an open backyard when you like without the restrictive nature of a permanent gazebo. Whatever it may be, know that owning a gazebo will change your entire perception of a backyard!

Create A Sloping Surface

If you live in tropical climates with moderate to high rainfall, you must take adequate measures to prevent rainwater stagnation. Stagnant rainwater can wreak havoc on your garden and invite mosquitoes and reptiles, compromising the safety and cleanliness of your outdoor area. Create a sloping surface in your backyard to allow rainwater to flow out of your home and into the streets. Will your garden can absorb much of the rainwater, the rest of the backyard is better off with rainwater trickling away. This also saves you from excess humidity and moisture around your home, which can cause premature corrosion of furniture and fixtures. 

Ramp Up Your Fence

Safety is an important element in creating an outdoor space. If your fence has taken a beating over the years, take time out to bring it up to speed. Conduct a DIY fence repair by replacing broken panels with new ones, increasing the height of the fence and reducing the gap between panels. This will keep away rodents, cats and other possible dangerous animals and reptiles that can make their way to your outdoor space. You can also use your fence for decorative purposes by creating an abstract hue of colour or running some fairy lighting across the length of your fence, making for a cosy ambience ideal for hosting. 

Invest In Weather-Proof Outdoor Furniture

Your gazebo, awning or patio is only so enticing without some comfortable and cosy outdoor furniture. Bring home an outdoor modular lounge to complement your outdoor space and turn it into your favourite downtime spot at home. Choose a modular lounge that is made of weather-proof elements, resin wicker being the most favourable. A modular design allows you to play around with the layout and explore various combinations based on the number and nature of guests you host. Resin wicker furniture is an all-weather option that scores full points on durability and aesthetics. Invest in a modular set with a sturdy aluminium frame that stands the test of time.

Bring Home An Awning

Come rain or shine, you want to enjoy every part of your backyard. An awning is just what you need to make that happen! Invest in a large awning that extends out of your building structure, covering a large part of your backyard. A retractable awning lets you enjoy a bit of sun when you like, so go for a design that can be retracted easily. An awning also prevents consistent UV exposure for your outdoor furniture, which can dull its sheen over time. Awnings are available in many colours and fabrics such as vinyl, acrylic, polyester and cotton. Consult an interior designer or a landscape specialist to ascertain the best material for your backyard awning.

Bring Home An Awning

Set Up A Garden Patch

Usher in some greenery and positivity in your home by setting up a backyard garden patch. This is a great way to beat the heat, soak in excess rainwater and make your backyard an all-weather lounging spot for you and your guests. Explore the fruits, vegetables and plants that are easiest to grow in your climate so you have a sure-shot chance at success. Caring for your garden can also double up as a great family bonding activity to involve your kids in. Involving yourself with plant and soil care is known to deliver plenty of benefits for the mind and body. 

Wrap Up

We hope the above ideas inch you closer to the backyard of your dreams!