7 Fixtures That Complete Your Living Room Décor

living room

Furniture, lighting, storage, décor, artefacts – plenty of elements come together to make your living room complete. And with good reason – your living room is the first part of your home that meets the eye. It is only right that it makes a great first impression! If you’re on the verge of decorating your living room, here are 7 fixtures you must grab.

Focal Wall

One of the foremost steps to decorating your living room is choosing a focal wall. This is ideally the wall that has the most visibility as soon as you enter the room and when you’re in the room. Decorate your focal wall with quirky wallpaper, a statement clock or a collage of family photographers that tell a story. Playing up the focal wall is a great way to give your living room a personalized touch. Have a dedicated light fitting giving focus on this wall, ensuring it meets the eye as soon as anyone enters the room.

TV Cabinet

Living rooms are the centre point for family entertainment. What better way to be entertained than with a television? A TV cabinet is a quintessential furnishing element in the living room for time immemorial. What’s changed is their functionality, design and usage. Gone are the days when a TV cabinet was used merely to slot your television. This piece of furniture has evolved to become the focal point of your living room and complete entertainment units. If you’re looking for a TV cabinet, opt for one with plenty of storage to house your gadgets, chargers, DVDs and more. Go for a high-gloss polyurethane finish that adds a touch of elegance to your interiors. For a small living room, a wall-mounted TV cabinet is a great option. 

Open Shelving Unit

An open shelving unit is a great space to flaunt artefacts, décor and books that add character to your living room. Invest in a sturdy open shelf made of metal or wood, suiting the décor and style of your space. Use this shelving unit to display photo frames, cutlery, books, artefacts, candles, and items of religion or anything that defines you and your family. Not only are these items great conversation starters, but it also gives your home a warm and personalized touch.

living room

Statement Lighting

Statement lighting uplifts a drab living room and adds character to your interiors. Chandeliers, sconces, pendants, table lamps and pedestal lamps are some of the many light fixtures for living rooms. Opt for designs that are bold, unique and eye-catching, at the same time in keeping with the décor theme of your living room.

Coffee Table

No living room is complete without a functional and ergonomic coffee table. Size, shape height and materials are some of the many considerations in choosing coffee tables. You want to have a coffee table that complements your couch in terms of size and height. Anything too low or too high can make accessibility and comfort an issue. Ideally, a coffee table mustn’t be more than an inch or two lower than your sofa, covering about 2/3rds of your sofa’s width. If you’re someone who has plenty of essentials lying around your living room. Consider a coffee table with a concealed storage where you can slide away magazines, remote controls, refreshments, napkins and more. 

Accent Chair

Invest in a statement accent chair for your living room and watch it jump several notches on its style quotient. Accent chairs break the monotony of standard couches, adding a pop of colour and variety to your living room. It also means additional seating space or an exclusive spot you can curl into with a book and a cup of coffee. Choose from a variety of accent chair designs to match your idea of comfort and your living room décor. From the classic and oh-so-comfortable wingback chair to the vintage Bergere or an evergreen club chair, there is no dearth of options in accent chairs. Go for an accent chair in an interesting colour to give your living room an interesting contrast. Hit a search for some of the iconic chairs to find the perfect fit for your living room.

Coat Hangers, Organizers & Key Holders

Organizing accessories are a must-have if you have a compact living room. Say goodbye to clutter and invest in fixtures that give your living room an organized and spacious feel. Coat hangers are quintessential living room accessories for you and your guests to hang their coats. It is especially handy if you live in cold climates. Place organizers on your coffee table or shelving units for pens, staplers, remote controls, chargers and other everyday essentials that are otherwise found lying around tables and couches. Install a key holder on an empty wall to provide a one-stop place for all home keys, car keys and more. Organizing a living room and freeing it of clutter will add oodles of style and substance to your space.

Wrap Up

It isn’t every day that you remodel or decorate your living room. Ensure you leverage the above ideas and create a beautiful living room!