8 Eco-Friendly Promotional Items to Consider for Your Business

Eco-Friendly Promotional

Promotional items are everyday items that bear a company’s name and logo, and they’re usually free items given to their consumers. This can be by receiving the item(s) for free with the purchase of a product or service, or they can be won in a giveaway. These items are a smart business move, and it’s an even smarter business move when these promotional items are also eco-friendly. Here are eight eco-friendly promotional items to consider for your business.

#1: Blender and Shaker Bottles

Blender and shaker bottles are used to quickly mix a protein/nutrition powder with a liquid (i.e., water milk) instead of using an actual blender. Blender bottles are a better alternative to actual blenders because they do require you to use multiple dishes or a disposable cup to drink your protein shake. This is a great promotional item for businesses that sell protein powders and other fitness-focused products, as well as businesses that sell/offer anything related to health and fitness. 

#2: Coffee Tumblers and Mugs

Coffee tumblers are a better alternative to disposable coffee cups when you’re on the go, and l mugs are also more eco-friendly when you’re enjoying coffee at home. Mugs and tumblers are also good for other hot drinks, such as tea, hot chocolate, and even cider. So if your business sells any type of hot drink, consider offering mugs or tumblers as your promotional item.

#3: Handkerchiefs 

Believe it or not, handkerchiefs are still used by many people of all generations, from Baby Boomers to Gen Z. The older generations have traditionally used handkerchiefs (as well as disposable napkins and tissue), but the younger generations are also turning to handkerchiefs because they’re more environmentally friendly. They’re also used for a variety of reasons, from covering coughs and sneezes to wiping off phones and camera lenses. With that being said, just about any type of business can offer promotional handkerchiefs.

#4: Mason Jars

Another item that was used in the past but is now being used again is the mason jar. Mason jars were traditionally used for canning items, but now they’re used for things like storing Q-tips and cotton balls, home decor, and to make and hold a variety of different drinks— making them an eco-friendly alternative to disposable cups. This item can also be a perfect promotional item for several different types of businesses.

#5: Napkins

Cloth napkins, like the handkerchief, are also being more widely used among people of all ages. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants were already using cloth napkins instead of disposable ones. Many people even choose to use them in their own homes to live a greener lifestyle. Businesses that sell products/provide services related to food can benefit from promotional cloth napkins.

#6: Tote Bags

Reusable tote bags are probably the most popular and widely used eco-friendly items. Many grocery stores have stopped with plastic bags and have switched to reusable totes— and even those who haven’t switched have customers who bring in their own. While a reusable tote as a promotional item may seem like it only works for certain types of businesses, it can actually work for all types. Offering this as a promotional item lets your consumers know that you want them to be more eco-friendly.

#7: Utensils

Reusable utensils that bear a company’s name and logo aren’t seen that often, but this can also be a great promotional idea if this makes sense to your business (i.e., food-related businesses). Promotional utensils also don’t have to be limited to cutlery— you can also offer kitchen cookware. Also, utensils can be made of a variety of material besides plastic or aluminum. They can be made from wood, bamboo, and even clay.

#8: Water Bottles

Next to reusable totes, reusable water bottles are also pretty popular. In fact, many people have stopped using plastic bottled water and have moved on to aluminum bottles or a harder, reusable plastic. Promotional water bottles are also an item that all companies can benefit from offering since water bottles are used by a wide range of people.

More and more people are trying to become more eco-friendly by being aware of how their daily lives affect the environment. Not only does this include making changes in their daily lives, but it also means supporting businesses who are also eco-friendly. With that being said, it’s important that your business also strives to be eco-friendly when offering eco-friendly promotional items.