Cement Tiles – Classic, Historical and Vibrant!

Encaustic tiles

Handmade, colourful tiles called cement tiles or hydraulic tiles are used as floor and wall coverings. They started to be used in Catalonia in the 1850s, and they are now common in both Europe and America.

Typically covered in a glaze and burned at a high temperature in a kiln, cement tile becomes impenetrable. A cement tile’s coloured top layer, which is typically approximately an eighth of an inch thick and porous, is cured at ambient temperature rather than being fired.

A method that has been used for many years produces these extremely strong tiles. Marble, Portland cement, and natural mineral colours are used to create these tiles. The three layers of tiles are put under a lot of pressure by a mechanical hydraulic press.

Popular Cement Tiles – Benefits and Uses:

Cement Tiles – Classic, Historical and Vibrant!

Cement tiles are widely used for floors and walls in chic residences and hip business locations. With their outstanding durability and virtually endless design options, they have completely transformed the tile industry and the home décor industry; antique, traditional archive designs utilising solely conventional components, pigments, and methods. Choose your preferred colours and quantities, then add them to your space to give it a vibrant appearance.

Because of her love for vibrant colours, artisan tiles and patterns from around the world, Hayley has worked side by side with Maitland & Poate to create a unique and amazing collection. 

The Lavish Lifestyle:

Encaustic tiles are distinct from cement tiles. Everyone considers their house and job when they are considering living a luxurious life.

Cement tiles offer a wide range of loving and dependable materials to improve the appearance of your home and give it a lovely, opulent feel. Each tile is distinctive in some way. utilising solely conventional components, pigments, and methods. Her love of artisan tiles, vivid colours, and designs from all over the world served as inspiration. Together with Maitland & Poate, Hayley has created a distinctive and gorgeous collection. Made by hand using conventional materials, colours, and methods.

Hex and squares that are only one colour Natural earthy and pastel colours used in hand pouring. It makes your house and place of business seem lovely. These exquisitely hand-poured square and single-coloured hex tiles provide a colourful appearance.

The Handmade Encaustic Tiles:

Our day is one of robotic and mechanical advancement. All products are produced using machinery, but encaustic tiles offer a unique aesthetic. glazed tiles that have been expertly hand-painted and fired several times using conventional techniques. Is it not fantastic? The effects created by these gorgeous, hand-painted tiles are captivating. 

Hexagonal grid in a single colour Natural earthy and pastel colours used in a hand-poured process. Your home and workplace will look lovely with it. These exquisitely hand-poured, square, single-colour tiles have a vivid appearance.

Your home will look great with these cement tiles, and your life will improve. A thinner, simpler-to-install tile was created by machining salvaged vintage terracotta. The nicest aspect is that it appears to be quite gorgeous and enjoyable to examine this material. It appears beautiful in the kitchen range. Everywhere you sit, these tiles provide a comfortable surface, and you’ll be pleased that you chose cement tiles.