Exness review An in depth look

Exness review  An in depth look

Exness review  An in depth look

Exness is an international brokerage company. It has two main offices, located in Seychelles. Exness has a split system optimized to aid regional customers. These services include specially revised investment strategies and commercial facilities. At the same time, the brand provides huge opportunities for centralized business solutions, retail, and partnership.

Founded in 2008, Exness has now exceeded 60,000 active users globally. It has since gained international attention. Exness is a reliable trading broker that boasts a monthly trading volume of $325.8 billion.

Exness continues to set new milestones every day, mainly because of its excellent services and brilliant partnership with Real Madrid FC and WWF Russia. As a result, any new traders subscribing to this platform will endure a pleasant and dynamic environment. This in-depth Exness review will reveal the pros and cons of the company and why you should try it.

Recommended Audience for Exness

Exness is best for traders who do not wish to invest a considerable amount. Exness’ Mini account allows a minimum capital deposit of $1 and a minimum lot size of 0.0001 with no cash retreats. Thus, it is perfect for users who don’t plan on trading very much.

More importantly, Exness is the first choice of traders who put the approval and legitimacy of their brokers first. Exness is monitored by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Cyprus’ Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), two of the world’s best known and most trusted forex regulators in the market.

FCA regulates the said authority and also protects the investors. This includes schemes designed to back traders in case of trader bankruptcy. However, Exness has never faltered operationally or monetarily in all its years of existence.

Exness Regulators

Exness may have left the UK and EU in the interest of its retail operation. However, FCA and CySEC continue to be listed as it’s regulators. In addition, Exness has been licensed and authorized by the FSCA of South Africa under the 51024 FSP number. Moreover, it has also been certified by:

  •     FCA of Seychelles
  •     BVIFSC and FSC of Mauritius
  •     CBCS of Curaçao

Note: Exness only extends its regulatory authority to the business-to-business (B2B) division, per the approval of FCA. Besides, Exness also provides insurance in case of negative balance and separates corporate funds from client funds.

You can read Exness’ policy on their website. Deliot, an independent, big four company accounting company, acts as its external auditor.

Reliability and Security

Traders shouldn’t worry about Exness’ trading environment or speed. While downtime and divisions are crucial for the success of algorithmic trading, they’re not so much for others. Therefore, traders who cannot allow such interruptions to disrupt their strategies should opt for Exness. Moreover, it is under the scrutiny of rigorous regulators, which offers another level of reassurance. The FCA and CySEC ensure Exness fulfills its due market-making and custodial duties to the fullest.

Another crucial element to gain user’s trust is to entertain their queries round the clock. That is why Exness offers a 24-hour helpline which is active five days a week. In addition, you can also email or phone the official company or live chat through any of the social apps; Viber and WhatsApp. Exness supports up to 13 languages.

Users on Exness

According to verified users, traders familiar with the working mechanism of mt4 and mt5 will feel at home with Exness. Download links are available for the supporting operating system for MT4 and MT5. One factor in which Exness reigns superiority over other brokers is expedited transfer and funding framework.

Services of Exness

Exness provides a long list of services that cater to all types of traders. It allows users to trade on renowned MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 websites via Linux, Windows, the Web, and Mac.

Services on MT4

  •     Instant and market forms of execution order
  •     Real-time rates update
  •     Up to 30 in-built indicators
  •     Auto-trading based on MQL-4

Services on MT5

  •     22 analytical tools
  •     Up to 38 in-built indicators
  •     The facility of analyzing fundamentally using news events and integrated economic calendar
  •     Automated systems supported by MLQ-5


Traders can trade via the web or through the app; My: Exness Personal Area is available on Apple Appstore and Google Playstore. Finally, Exness also offers a 10% net bonus deposit.


Exness allows maximum leverage of 1:2000. Given its minimum deposit of $1, it is open to all traders. Despite MT4/MT5 versions being its default, Exness offers up to 107 trading options to active forex users. Exness outvies its contemporaries in in-house education and research. On the contrary, its in-house VPS hosting houses some drawbacks.

Exness offers a range of accounts that are suitable for both new and professional traders. However, its Pro Account is easily the best for the majority of traders. The Pro Account allows minimum commission-free spreads of 0.6 pips. It is very easy to sign-up, and you can choose between commission-free, raw-spread, and commission-based accounts.

Finally, a trader can choose from any asset group: cryptocurrency, U.S. Stocks, indices, CDFs on metals, and even energies.