From Social Media Influencer to Mr. UAE 2020: Faisal Khan’s Rise to Fame

Faisal Khan

Faisal Khan, who was born and brought up in the land of dreams, Dubai, United Arab Emirates has emerged as the face of UAE. 

This prominent man who would be turning 45 this month has been in the limelight since he achieved the title of Mr. UAE. He was awarded as Mr. UAE 2020 in various social media platforms at the age of 42. His astounding physique and great personality helped him achieve success. He is 5.83 feet tall and weighs about 90 kilograms. His hair is a mixture of black and hazel, and he has attractive hazel eyes. Faisal Khan is an Instagram influencer who motivates people with his posts and shows them his ways of life. He is a source of encouragement and motivation for youngsters who aim to achieve the heights of sky.


Apart from this, he is also a prominent businessman and the face of a well-known company, Shams Al Had Entertainment and PR as a brand ambassador. This company also holds social events and weddings. Mr. UAE possesses a wide range of talents, including music, fashion, modeling, and blogging. He began his modeling career in his early 20s. He has also made collaboration with DIAFA Awards 2022 which was a great success. Currently he is waiting for the enormous EMIGALA Fashion Awards 2023 which could be one of his greatest projects. His life and career is a huge source of motivation for not just youngsters but everyone around the world who has huge dreams and aspirations.