Heather Rae Young: From Soap Star to Weight Loss revolution

Heather Rae Weight Loss

Heather Rae Young, the star of Netflix’s hit show Selling Sunset, has recently become the talk of the town with her weight loss transformation. Not only has Heather Rae made waves in the world of real estate, but now she is also making waves when it comes to her body transformation. The Selling Sunset star has been working hard to get the body she wants, and it’s paying off! Fans of the reality TV show have been watching Heather Rae Young’s progress for months now, and it’s truly inspiring. Her dedication to getting in shape is admirable, and her determination to reach her goals is commendable. In this article, we have covered everything for you, including diet plans.


Pre-Weight Loss: Description

Heather Rae Young has recently made headlines with her incredible weight loss transformation! Before her impressive weight loss journey, Heather was already a stunning beauty – but she wanted to make some changes. Heather’s pre-weight loss body was described as ‘curvy and voluptuous’, which has now transformed into a fit and toned physique. 


The Selling Sunset star has revealed her secrets to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and achieving amazing results. She says that diet plays an important role in losing weight, but exercise is also key to staying in shape. Heather works out regularly with a personal trainer and does strength training for an hour daily. Additionally, she follows the Keto Diet plan of eating low-carb meals and snacks throughout the day – making sure not to overindulge or skip meals.


Weight Loss Methods

Heather Rae Young is no stranger to the limelight. This reality TV star has become a household name amongst fans of Selling Sunset, and her impressive weight loss journey has made her an inspiration for many. 


Young has been open about the methods she used to shed pounds successfully. She credits healthy eating habits, portion control and fitness for her incredible transformation. However, the actress emphasizes that it all comes down to consistency; small changes can make a big difference over time! Her routine consists of regular exercise sessions with personal trainer Andy McDermott and mindful eating, which includes cutting down on unhealthy foods like processed sugars, carbs and refined carbohydrates while increasing her intake of proteins, complex carbs and other essential nutrients.


Diet Changes

Heather Rae Young has done it again. The Selling Sunset star recently shared the secrets to her incredible weight loss journey, and fans are buzzing about how she did it. After making major changes to her diet, Heather lost a steady amount of weight without sacrificing the foods she loves. 


The reality star revealed that her secret weapon was cutting out processed sugars from all aspects of her diet. She also began taking a much healthier approach with snacks, opting for fruits and veggies instead of chips and cookies. In addition, Heather made sure to get plenty of protein in each meal by adding lean meats like chicken or fish into the mix. 


Heather offers great advice for anyone looking to make those same healthy changes in their own lives: “Start small and be consistent! Don’t try and do too much at once”.


Exercise Regimen

Heather Rae Young has had a dramatic transformation in her body, and she is ecstatic about it! After months of hard work and dedication to an exercise regimen, the former Selling Sunset star has achieved her weight loss goals. She feels more confident and comfortable in her body than ever before.


The 32-year-old reality TV star has been sharing her journey on social media, posting pictures showing her amazing progress. She admitted that it was not easy to stay motivated, but with the help of personal trainer Ryan Jones and his intense exercise regimen, she made it happen! Heather says regular workouts have helped strengthen her mental and physical health. 


Heather’s success story will surely inspire others to try to achieve their health goals.


Benefits of Weight Loss

Heather Rae Young has been looking better than ever lately, and she’s opening up about the benefits of her recent weight loss. The Selling Sunset star recently talked to People Magazine about the healthy lifestyle changes that have allowed her to achieve her desired look. 


“I’ve always done Pilates and yoga, but I switched out my diet routine,” Young said. “I now eat organic plant-based foods as much as possible. It was a big lifestyle change.” She’s also been focusing on portion control, which has caused the number on the scale to drop slowly over time. 


Young is thrilled with the results of her hard work and dedication — not only does she feel healthier overall, but she’s also seen an improvement in how clothes fit! “I don’t want to gain muscle mass,” she said.



In conclusion, Heather Rae Young has done an incredible job of transforming her body and achieving her weight loss goals. She is now a role model to many, showing that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. Her story is inspiring and reminds us that we can all work towards our health and fitness goals if we are willing to put in the effort. Heather Rae Young’s success shows us that even after having children, achieving optimal health and fitness is still possible.