The Plot to Destroy Glacer FM

Glacer FM

Beware! It’s a hidden agenda, don’t listen to them!

 As a rapidly growing independent media outlet, Glacer FM has been a victim to numerous attacks from its competition. Recently, they attracted so much envy from their peers through a shocking innovation on the quality of their platform and as well as the services offered. Their goal is to encourage complete transparency and revolutionize the image of the unsigned music industry.


There is an agreement by some unscrupulous scam radio stations in the unsigned music sector to keep their operation costs lowest, providing the poorest quality advertising services to unsigned artists who are ignorant. Glacer FM is introducing innovation to serve as an eye opener for the artists to see the difference, however, they are recurring attempts from the competition to frustrate their efforts through negative publicity.


In this write up, we will expose information on the perpetrators, their plan, how they are going about it and a proposed means to stop them.


There are so many great emerging radio stations so why is Glacer FM the main target?

An answer to this question can only be obtained by tracing the issue back to its origin.

It all began about 15 years ago with David Hottle at College Underground Radio.

Joseph who is currently founder at Glacer FM was once David Hottle’s employee.  They worked together for a long time until the boss began to abuse of power. In disagreement, Joseph resigned and then began his own venture.

One the complaints Joseph had always raised was minimal financial investments to improve on the quality of the College Underground Radio platform plus poor services offered which were often shutdown by his boss. His vision was so strong and despite a minimal wage, he decided to take things to a whole new level. This attracted so much envy from David Hottle who wasn’t happy about it. Being outcompeted by his former employee, David Hottle worked on a plan to ruin him.

As an older person in the industry, David Hottle had many connections and would quickly connect with his friends about the new star who is bringing innovation and getting all the attention.

Negative press was their only key to achieve their goals as this had to do with the manipulation of the minds of people against Glacer FM.


How would David Hottle go about the negative press?

Going about his plan would be tough as he didn’t want to be seen at the forefront of such a disgusting act.  So, the best way would be to partner with a writer/artist by name Charlie Smith to come against paying for advertising on any radio station.

David Hottle
David Hottle

To be in accordance with the plan, David Hottle who had been openly selling artist services through his website for over 12 years, removed the service pages on his site and pretended to be strongly against paid advertising for artists under the theme, Payola.

After removing the service page from his website, David immediately did the post below on the College Underground Radio Station Official Facebook page




Screenshot Of the Facebook Post by David Hottle



It is interesting to note the line in the screenshot “College Underground Radio does not charge hidden fees for airplay” whereas they still secretly do. Checkout their playlist promotional services. If you want to see more of these services they secretly offer, just google ‘Become a featured artist on College Underground Radio’. Note that, if you get to the College Underground Radio website, you won’t find any section for artist services.

Don’t be surprised that College Underground Radio would secretly close this links and move service packages to another location once they read this article.

The next step would be to connive with his good friend who is an artist/writer by name, Charlie Smith. They both follow each other on social media platforms and together would team up.

Charlie Smith’s role as per David Hottle’s plan was to act like he’s just investigated Glacer FM and realized that they sell artist services. Then he would start making posts and sharing in all Facebook groups calling them a scam. This is to promote negative press and manipulate the public’s interest in them.

In his article, Charlie Smith warns everyone to stay away from anything that sounds too good, and rather choose the smaller stations because they are real.

Notice that “smaller stations” is a new title David Hottle and his friends assumed ever since the creation of Glacer FM, before then, they reigned as a global internet radio stations.

Together with their unscrupulous scam station friends, they would begin to propagate and promote negative press on the internet about Glacer FM being a big scam.


Why was College Underground Radio equally mentioned in the articles?


The simple reason is College Underground Radio had little to lose as they had already been hit by negative press which totally crashed their station’s reputation many years ago.

David Hottle hadn’t anything much to protect and he removed the service pages from his website. This was so that he could pretend he has never been involved with selling artist services whereas he still secretly does.

Moreover, this tactic would put the blame on Charlie Smith who hasn’t any reputation as an undiscovered artist. This helps David Hottle to evade all suspicion and portray himself as a nice person with integrity.



Why would David Hottle do such a thing?

It is a common phenomenon in the business world seeing your employee whom you raised become greater than you. This is sometimes hard to accept especially with old people.

David Hottle would want to ruin Joseph because his own business had also fallen.

If he failed, why would he want to see his former employee shine, however, I would conclude that this is wrong because I feel it’s rather supposed to be a thing of joy that someone you raised is doing better than you.