Why all backlinks are not rated equally Explanation 2022?

Why all backlinks are not rated equally Explanation 2022?

Why all backlinks are not rated equally Explanation 2022?
Backlinks are an essential part of ranking a website on search engine results. Backlinks are one-way access to other websites, which many search engines use to rank a website. This is a form of SEO; the more backlinks a webpage has, the more credible the webpage becomes.

That is not all; the number of backlinks is directly proportional to the quality and credibility of those websites. These act as votes to determine which web page is more useful and credible. The more votes a web page gets, the higher rank on the search results it gets. You can also get consultations about SEO through SEO Packages South Africa.

This is an important part of Google’s and other search engine algorithm. As a result, they are a key part of ranking websites.

Value of different backlinks

Not every backlink holds the same importance and value as other backlinks. Some are perceived as more valuable and important than others, depending on their credibility and quality.

Quality backlinks

The value of one quality backlink can easily surpass countless low-quality backlinks. The value of a backlink depends on the rank of the backlink. The higher rank the backlink has, the more value it gives to your web page.

Valued backlink

The permission to use these high-quality links is hard but can make a lot of difference. Google gives special attention to high-quality backlinks. You will also need to have anchor text keywords that target special keywords. The keywords are self-explanatory.

Anchor keywords

Although you cannot endorse a website, it gets blocked and reported by Google’s algorithm. The program known as Google Penguin looks for keywords and anchor text which endorses backlinks. However, Google sees this as exploitive. So it is better to use anchor text which is descriptive and does not name the backlink.


What you need to focus on are the target keywords. When determining the quality of anchor texts, search engines determine how relevant the two web pages are. The content in which the anchor text is used should be relevant to the hyperlink used.


The quality of backlinks is also determined by how different the links are. If you are using a link over and over constantly, leading to the same website, it will lose its value. Therefore, it is better to use backlinks that are different from each other.

This goes both ways, and if you are using a backlink with the website backlinking to you, it loses its value as well. Therefore, it is important to have the web page backlink to you as well.


Badge backlinks

This works by giving value to other websites through ranking them on your website and backlinking them. When you have ranked ad backlinked them, they can post it on their bio and backlink to you as well. This gives mutual value to both websites.

You will need to research and find similar websites and rank their services. You will identify their services, and in your blog post, you can rank them by their quality of services. This gives exposure to those websites as well, and hence they cab backlink to you as well.

Importance of SEO

Backlinking is part of SEO which is responsible for a web page’s rank on search engines. Having made an SEO-friendly website is an important part of ranking your website. This is an investment that can go a long way. However, this is a slow process that takes time to give fruit. It can take up to six-ten months to properly show results.

However, when it starts to bring traffic to your web page, it will only increase. So you can expect a considerable number of visitors after using SEO. This is like pad ads, but your traffic won’t slow down after you stop paying, unlike paid ads.

Insight of clientele

SEO analysts can give your progress reports and better strategies to improve your traffic. For example, you can get detailed information about what keywords people are using relevant to your business. This gives you a chance to adapt and improve to bring in more traffic.

Cost-effective saving

Through SEO, you gain cost-effective digital marketing when they type keywords that are relevant to your business. Google takes note of unique keywords and their relevance to your website when ranking. So what you have to do is use keywords that persuade the client to click on you.

The more specific and unique the keywords you use, the greater chance of them clicking on you. You also get consistent traffic from each of the terms used. This helps you continue and keep the flow of traffic going.


SEO is a broad term for sub-categories such as backlinking and anchor text keywords. This digital marketing strategy is an essential tool if a business wants to excel through its online presence.